Finding Your Creative Community with StyledYou


Meeting new people and building connections doesn’t seem like it would be all that difficult, but forming a solid creative community in this industry is truly not as easy as it seems.

so how do you go about finding like-minded creatives who you can trust, relate to, connect with and learn from??

we take pride in the incredible creative community that encompasses our styledyou workshops! Every retreat we see a group of ladies who ARRIVE AS STRANGERS AND LEave AS FRIENDS; giant hugs, wiping tears, PROMISES TO VISIT, COLLABORATE AND CONNECT IN THE FUTURE.

“The second I got there, I was overwhelmed with a sense of belonging. From the vendors to the attendees, there wasn’t a single person that I didn’t immediately feel a connection to. You are surrounded by people that get it. They get YOU. You don’t have to explain why you do what you do or how you do it or when you do it. These women understand.” - Kelsey Horner photo (STYLEDYOU Tulum)


sharing stories, relating, reflecting and building each other up is a huge part of our styledyou workshops. It’s easy to feel like you’re all alone in the many struggles of being an entrepreneur, building a following or just finding your place in this crazy world.. we want you to know and feel that we’ve got your back!

We spend time discussing “community over competition” and “Overcoming comparison”. We have one on one heart to hearts and spend quality time chatting around the fire or over a glass of wine. We laugh, we cry and we connect!

learning together, probem solving & collaborating are all key aspects of styledyou. Whether they are planning a styled shoot or are just adding the finishing touches to their tablescape designs, our attendees are constantly learning with and from one another, asking for advice, offering input and giving encouragement.

“meeting and working with the other attendees from three countries who were planners, stylists and floral designers was both unique and inspiring.” - Jen Chanyi Photo (Styledyou Tulum)

just having fun with one another is high on the list of importance at styledyou! Whether we’re wandering the streets of florence, laughing over margaritas by the pool or exploring the local markets of tulum, we always plan fun activities that encourage our attendees to enjoy the moment, be adventurous & just relax with like-minded ladies!

if you’re a creative, searching for a supportive community or are just looking for an excuse to get away and recharge with people that truly get you, styledyou is a workshop for you! Click here to read more about our upcoming retreats; we want you to join our community!

Manda Worthington