Benefits of Being a Featured Vendor

STYLEDYOU is a series of workshops, retreats and photoshoots that are beautifully designed and purposefully curated to help style every aspect of a creative’s business. Every workshop we gather up a group of amazing “featured vendors”, who donate their products or services to the multi-day creative retreat! You may wonder, WHY donate, WHAT do I receive in return, WHO are my products/services going to? Below, we provide a little insight into the many benefits of being a StyledYou featured vendor!

  • Community - We are on a mission to create a new kind of community! One that supports and celebrates one another, leaving competition and comparison behind. We see our featured vendors as part of our “team” and we are all in it to promote, praise and assist one another!

  • Content - You will receive beautifully styled, high-quality professional photos to use however you like! We designate a time slot at every workshop specifically for styling products and snapping photos!

  • Exposure - With a combined Instagram following of over 100K, our StyledYou team and attendees will provide social media credit and tagging throughout the entire workshop. With at least 15 people posting and bragging about your product, you are sure to gain some new fans!

“Aesthete Tea's experience with StyledYou was effortless and opened up doors to new opportunities and friends. The communication with their team was so simple and the representation of our products stayed on brand and showcased us beautifully”.

If you’re interested in being a StyledYou featured vendor, please click here to apply!


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